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Thank you for a Rewarding Year

The MSO would like to thank you for allowing us to serve you for another year. As 2018 draws to a close, the MSO reflects on our accomplishments for the year. We welcomed three new customer agencies to the USAccess program, moved to an upgraded data center, and completed 72% of transition (2812 of 3927 pieces of equipment have been transitioned to date).


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Holiday Card Printing Schedule

Please be aware that our card printing facility (CPF) will not be printing PIV credentials on Dec. 25 and on Jan. 1.  Agencies may experience a minor delay in receiving cards as a result. This affects centrally printed cards only. Local print is not affected.


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V8.1 Status Update

The USAccess Program began preparing for the transition to V8 PIV cards in 2015 by setting up a working group. USAccess Customer Agencies received V8.1 test cards in late September 2018. The last V8.1 working group transition meeting with Agencies was held on November 14, 2018. Agencies reported favorable results and plan to complete testing their Physical Access Control System (PACS) and Logical Access Control System (LACS) within the next two months.


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Reminder for Sponsors to Check for Duplicate Records

The MSO is seeing an uptick in the number of requests for duplicate records to be deleted from USAccess. Sponsors are reminded to check all forms of a person’s name before creating a new record. In addition; please note that new entries are not required for employees moving between sub-agencies within an organization; a re-enrollment is required. Contact HSPD12@gsa.gov with any questions.


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Service Enhancements - December 2018

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

November 9-12, 2018: USAccess Release 14 was pushed to production as scheduled. This release upgraded the Card Management System (CMS) to allow USAccess to issue V8.1 cardstock.


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USAccess Equipment Transition Deadline

The MSO would like to remind agency customers that all transition equipment must be shipped by December 31, 2018. There is a four week processing time-frame, so all SET worksheets and final transition decisions are due to the MSO no later than Wednesday, November 28, 2018.


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Retrieving USAccess Software Updates

The MSO is receiving an uptick in the number of questions related to USAccess software update files.


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USAccess and MSO Help Desk Communications

The MSO has a variety of communication channels available to assist USAccess customer agencies. Please familiarize yourself with each means of communication and use the proper channel to communicate with the MSO or USAccess Core Services Vendor.


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Avoidable Help Desk Calls

The USAccess Help Desk is experiencing a number of help desk calls that may be avoidable.


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