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Annual Distribution List Cleanup Coming Next Month

The MSO will be performing its annual distribution list cleanup in February. Agency Leads should be on the lookout for an email on this topic, which will include an attachment listing all agency representatives on the USAccess distribution lists and all agency ALP accounts. Agency Leads will be asked to review the lists and provide any necessary changes to the MSO.


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Attention Registrars and Activators at Fixed Sites

Please be advised that all fixed stations should be left powered on beginning today, Nov. 9 through the weekend to facilitate software updates. These updates are in preparation of the upcoming transition to the new CU managed infrastructure. Any Fixed stations that are not currently in use should also be powered on and left on through the weekend. Light Activation and Light Credentialing Solution stations do NOT need to be left on as they will not receive the software push.


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Local Print Card Requirements Requested

The MSO is requesting that agencies provide a high-level estimate of the number of local print cards they will require in the next several months. This information is important as the MSO plans future card purchases, which require many weeks of lead time. It will help ensure that cards are well stocked so that orders can be filled quickly and efficiently.

If your agency anticipates ordering local print cards in the next three to six months, please email GSA MSO at gsamso@gsa.gov as soon as possible to provide this estimate.


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Re-enrollment Surge: Know the Difference between a Card Reissue and a Card Renewal

A large number of USAccess cardholders' enrollments are approaching the end of their 12-year lifecycle. These cardholders are required to go through re-enrollment, meaning that they have to make an enrollment appointment and have their photo, ID documents and fingerprints recaptured.

Sponsors, please note that for this requirement, a request of a Reissue is necessary for the card, not a Renewal. Many applicants have received less than a 5-year card because their Sponsor requested a Renewal instead of a Reissue.


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Service Enhancements – Week of October 9, 2017

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • Maintenance was completed as scheduled the weekend of Sept. 30. This release included routine monthly maintenance, Entrust maintenance, and the USAccess Software Release 11, which included web enrollment for the new Credentialing Units (CUs). The final version of the release notice is posted on the Agency Lead Portal.

Planned system events


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