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New Light Installers will be posted next week on the Agency Lead Portal

Reminder: New installers for Light Credentialing Solution (LCS) and Light Activation (LA) will be made available in August. The new installers include an update for Java to move to Java 8 Update 131, as well as an updated look for the Connect to Assured Identity tool (i.e.; F5 network connection tool used for enrollment).


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Security Tip: Laptop Security When Traveling

When traveling with your agency assigned laptop, use extra caution to prevent theft. Laptops, when in sight, are very attractive targets. If you have to step away from your belongings in any public access locations such as an airport, make sure that you take your laptop and bag with you. The only exception is if you are traveling with someone you know and trust, and it is a good practice to remind them not to leave your laptop unattended as well. While going through a security or customs screening, also try to keep visual contact with your laptop if you are required to set it down. 


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Annual Disaster Recovery Exercise July 28-31

The annual USAccess Disaster Recovery (DR) Exercise will run THIS WEEKEND from Friday, July 28 to Monday, July 31. The exercise includes a fail-over of all critical system functions from the primary data center to the secondary back-up data center facility. As a result, all role holder portals and workflow functionality will be unavailable during this exercise.


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Important Message About Credentialing Unit (CU) Deployment

The MSO has sent a lot of communication recently regarding the deployment of Credentialing Units to replace existing Fixed and LCS workstations. This is a large undertaking, and the MSO wants to ensure that all agencies understand the process and timeline. The Draft CU Deployment Process Guide was sent out to Agency Leads on July 13. This should answer many customer agency questions about the process.


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New Light Installers Available in August: Mandatory for all LCS kits

New installers for Light Credentialing Solution (LCS) (mandatory) and Light Activation (LA) (suggested) workstations will be made available in August. The new installers include Java 8 Update 131, as well as an update to the Connect to Assured Identity tool. A release notice will be posted on the Agency Lead Portal by the end of this week with details on what is included with the installers.


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Security Tip: Credential Inventory Tool is important for Chain-of-Trust

Issuing organizations are required to maintain a Chain-of-Trust from the time credentials are physically received, when they are transferred to the credential holder, and throughout the lifecycle until credential destruction.

Timely use of the Credential Inventory Tool (CIT) by Operators and Activators is required to ensure that the Chain-of-Trust is properly maintained throughout its lifecycle and that USAccess and your agency know the status and location of a credential. 


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GoLearn Portal Reminder

Friendly reminder that you can find USAccess role holder training courses and valuable resources on the GoLearn Knowledge Portal.


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