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Entrust Datacenter Migration Completed

The Entrust datacenter migration was successfully completed last weekend. The MSO re-verified with Entrust that customer agencies should not have experienced any issues. If you have experienced an issue, please contact the MSO at gsamso@gsa.gov.


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Credentialing Service vendor, DXC Technology, operating under new name: Perspecta Inc.

As of June 1, our credentialing service vendor, DXC Technology, is operating under a new name: Perspecta Inc. The new name is the result of a combination of DXC Technology’s U.S. Public Sector business with Vencore and KeyPoint.

As a result of this name change, the USAccess Help Desk now has a new email address: usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com.


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Service Enhancements – June 2018

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • May 19-20: USAccess Release 12.3 was completed as scheduled.
  • June 2-3: Routine monthly maintenance and Entrust datacenter migration were completed as scheduled.

Planned system events


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Customer Loyalty Survey

The General Service Administration’s annual Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Customer Survey was distributed to agencies via email on April 18. The purpose of this survey is to help GSA monitor customer satisfaction and collect valuable feedback from different customer groups, including those served by the USAccess Program. 


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USAccess Datacenter Transition Complete

The USAccess system completed its transition to a new datacenter April 27-30 as scheduled. There are a few lingering known issues and actions needed by Agencies:


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USAccess Datacenter Transition

The MSO and ES/DXC are preparing to transition the USAccess system (production and DR) to a new data center. On March 30, an updated USAccess Data Center Transition READY Guide (v1.2) was distributed to Agency Leads and SIP POCs that included the new milestone dates related to the transition of the USAccess service to a new datacenter. The cutover to the new datacenter will begin at 6 p.m. ET on Friday, April 27 and run through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 30. USAccess services will be unavailable during this time. Please plan for your first day of full service to be on Tuesday, May 1.


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Finance POCs, Please Double Check Your Role Assignment

Agency contacts who have been assigned the new Finance role: Please double check that you still have your role assigned. There was an issue with the system that allowed role admins to assign an incorrect role to their Finance POCs. Those roles have since been removed. If you find that your role has been removed, please have your role admin re-assign the Finance role to you.


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Recent Intermittent Activation Issues

As mentioned in meetings this past week (April User Group, FCU Demo to Agency Leads), we’ve experienced intermittent activation issues the past few weeks where activations are taking longer than normal to process and/or Activators have had to retry the activations because an error is displaying. The MSO and our vendor are monitoring the system closely and looking at solutions to improve system performance.

We will continue to post to TRACKS during periods of slowness and continue to work on this issue. We appreciate your patience.


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USAccess Help Desk Update

The MSO and ES/DXC are aware of the issues our customers have had with help desk response time, and most recently with the email address not working.

The email address issue is now fixed, and agents are working through the backlog of tickets. The advisory on TRACKS regarding the email address issue has also been updated.


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