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Finance POCs, Please Double Check Your Role Assignment

Agency contacts who have been assigned the new Finance role: Please double check that you still have your role assigned. There was an issue with the system that allowed role admins to assign an incorrect role to their Finance POCs. Those roles have since been removed. If you find that your role has been removed, please have your role admin re-assign the Finance role to you.


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Recent Intermittent Activation Issues

As mentioned in meetings this past week (April User Group, FCU Demo to Agency Leads), we’ve experienced intermittent activation issues the past few weeks where activations are taking longer than normal to process and/or Activators have had to retry the activations because an error is displaying. The MSO and our vendor are monitoring the system closely and looking at solutions to improve system performance.

We will continue to post to TRACKS during periods of slowness and continue to work on this issue. We appreciate your patience.


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USAccess Help Desk Update

The MSO and ES/DXC are aware of the issues our customers have had with help desk response time, and most recently with the email address not working.

The email address issue is now fixed, and agents are working through the backlog of tickets. The advisory on TRACKS regarding the email address issue has also been updated.


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MSO Distribution List Cleanup Complete

The MSO conducted its annual distribution list cleanup in February and March. The effort provided Agency Leads the opportunity to update their agency POCs for MSO communication efforts. Thank you to the agencies that provided updates. If your agency experiences a change in POCs outside of this annual cleanup effort, please contact the MSO at gsamso@gsa.gov so we can ensure our contact lists are up-to-date.


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Annual Distribution List Cleanup: Responses Requested by Tomorrow, March 9

The MSO is currently conducting its annual distribution list cleanup. On Friday, Feb. 23, the MSO sent all Agency Leads an email with a list of all agency representatives on the USAccess distribution lists and all Agency Lead Portal accounts.

Agency Leads are asked to review the lists and provide any necessary changes to the MSO by tomorrow, March 9. We appreciate your help in making sure our contact information is current and correct.


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FedIDCard.gov – New Look Coming Soon!

The MSO has been working on updates to the USAccess Program website, FedIDCard.gov, and the site will be undergoing a change in design in the next month. We want to assure customers that the website will retain the same functions and content, but users will notice a difference in its appearance and some content organization.

Keep an eye out for the new and improved website in the coming weeks. Please contact the MSO at gsamso@gsa.gov if you have any questions after or leading up to the change.


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Reminder to Update Site Manager Regularly

It is important that agencies continually make an effort to keep their information in Site Manager up to date. This is especially important for the Site POC, Ship-To POC, and Site Ship-To Address. The MSO often sees packages deemed undeliverable because shipping information is incorrect or outdated.

Please help us ensure that cards are delivered in a timely manner by staying on top of this important information.


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Service Enhancements - March 2018

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • February 3-4: Routine maintenance and Entrust maintenance completed as scheduled.
  • Release 12.0 / CMS 4.3 upgrade was completed as scheduled Feb. 17-19.

This release included the need to update LA and LCS kits with new ActiveX controls. Please see the USAccess Software Release 12.0 Notice and the USAccess Release LA 4.3.1-LCS 4.2-Desktop Rekey Installers Notice posted on the Agency Lead Portal (ALP) for more information.


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