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Service Enhancements – March 2019

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • February 15-18: USAccess Release 15 was pushed to production as scheduled.
  • March 2-3: Routine monthly maintenance was completed as scheduled.

  Planned system events


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Release 15 Scheduled for this Weekend

USAccess Release 15 is scheduled for this weekend, February 16-18, after being moved from January. An updated draft release notice was posted on the Agency Lead Portal and emailed to Agency Leads on Jan. 28. The MSO was granted a short extension on its Authority to Operate (ATO) to get through the shutdown. The release contains elements that mitigate vulnerabilities, which are critical to GSA granting USAccess a new ATO.


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PIV Card Returns During Government Shutdown

In January and February, the MSO worked through approximately 2,500 cards that were returned during the shutdown due to offices being closed. The normal weekly average for returned cards is approximately 5-10. As of Thursday, Feb. 7, all returned cards that were received during the shutdown were processed and sent out to their original ship-to sites. We appreciate agencies’ patience as we worked through this process. If you have questions about returned cards, please contact hspd12@gsa.gov.


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Reminder for Agencies to Register MCUs on Site Manager

If you have received a Mobile Credentialing Unit (MCU) as part of of the USAccess transition process, please remember to register your new equipment on Site Manager. There are step by step instructions in the MCU Setup Guide for how to add a site in Site Manager, as well as how to add end dates to your current LCS workstations. Please reach out to your Agency Lead or the gsamso@gsa.gov inbox if you have any questions.


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Reminder for Agencies on New Equipment Orders

Customer Agencies placing new equipment orders (FCU, MCU, LA, Printer) need to have complete and correct shipment information at the time of submission. Updates to shipment addresses are not typically possible after the MSO sends the orders to vendors. The MSO encourages agencies to ensure they have the correct shipment information prior to submitting orders, even if that means delaying submission by a few days.


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Annual Distribution List Cleanup Coming

The MSO will soon be performing its annual distribution list cleanup. The cleanup was postponed as a result of the government shutdown, but steps should resume within the next month. Agency Leads should be on the lookout for an email on this topic, which will include an attachment listing all agency representatives on the USAccess distribution lists and all agency ALP accounts. Agency Leads will be asked to review the lists and provide any necessary changes to the MSO.


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USAccess Credentialing Centers -- Potential Impact Due to Government Shutdown

Due to the current government shutdown, USAccess Credentialing Centers may be operating under limited coverage (or may even be closed.) Please reach out to your Agency Lead for assistance to determine if your site is open prior to traveling (this applies to both dedicated agency and shared sites). If you do not have an appointment and were planning to drop in, please confirm the Center is open before traveling.


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Transition Equipment Deployment Complete

The Core Services transition equipment deployment concluded on December 31, 2018. Unless previously discussed with the MSO, all requests for equipment will be treated as a new order and will be billed accordingly. 


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