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New USAccess Web-Based Training will go live June 3

The MSO will launch new USAccess web-based training materials on June 3, 2019. The USAccess training website will have a new look and feel that will help users navigate within the GoLearn portal. In addition, the training courses have been revised and updated to provide USAccess role holders with up-to-date basic processes in conducting their assigned role(s) in the USAccess system. A tool kit will also be available with resources that provide additional assistance.


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Transition to New IP Addresses Summer 2019

Starting this summer, the USAccess Service is transitioning to new IP addresses as part of some infrastructure work. No equipment will be transitioned (similar to last year’s move to a new datacenter) and no updates on agency workstations (either FCU, MCU or LAs) will be needed. If Agencies currently whitelist these IP addresses, they will just need to add new SIP IP addresses to their Agency firewall configurations. The role holder portal IP addresses will be handled by a change made by GSA.


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Guidance on REAL ID Act Compliance

Several Customer Agencies have recently requested guidance on how USAccess credentialing sites should handle identity documents that are not REAL ID Act compliant.

All 56 states and territories are currently compliant with REAL ID or non-compliant with an extension. The residents from these states and territories may continue using their driver’s licenses or identification cards, regardless of whether the license/ID is REAL ID compliant or not, for accessing Federal facilities (including military bases), entering nuclear power plants, and boarding commercial aircraft.


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Deadline Extended for Legacy Equipment Decommissioning

The GSA Managed Service Office (MSO) previously communicated that legacy equipment, including Light Credentialing Solution (LCS) and legacy fixed stations, will be decommissioned on May 6, 2019. This deadline is extended until further notice due to the delay in shipping routers associated with Fixed Credentialing Units (FCUs). See the email that was distributed to Agency Leads on April 16, 2019 for additional details regarding the FCU router delay. The MSO will communicate updates to Agency Leads as they are available.


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Final Notice: Blue Top Distribution List to Transition to Federal and Agency-Approved Emails Only on June 13

Please note, beginning June 13, 2019, the Blue Top newsletter distribution list will be cleaned of all non-government email addresses that aren’t approved by an Agency Lead. This change is being implemented to improve security, ensure the legitimacy of recipients, and remove email bots that are currently subscribed.

If you are currently subscribed to the Blue Top newsletter with a federal email addresses (e.g., @gsa.gov; @usda.gov; @mail.mil; etc.), no action is required and you will continue to receive the newsletter each month.


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Service Enhancements – May 2019

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • May 4-5: Routine monthly maintenance was completed as scheduled. Planned system events
  • June 1-2: USAccess Release 15.6 and 15.7 are currently scheduled for this weekend.

    Release 15.6 includes updates to the server side of Web Enrollment. A release notice is posted on the Agency Lead Portal and was emailed to Agency Leads on April 30. See the following article for more details.


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Core Services Transition Complete

The Core Services transition equipment deployment officially concluded on March 31. This deployment included Fixed Credentialing Unit (FCU), Mobile Credentialing Unit (MCU), and Light Activation (LA) equipment.

The transition process began in early 2017 and has resulted in the installation of equipment that is more secure than the legacy equipment.


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