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Updated Resources Regarding Transition to EIS Now Available

GSA's Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS) has posted the updated resources below regarding transition to EIS.  These are available under Resources at:   https://www.gsa.gov/eistransition


The Transition Strategy and Management Plan (TSMP) v.3 has been updated with the new approach to full service and small agency transitions, a revised description of All Agency Inventory (AAI), and other edits to bring the content current since the award of EIS.



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EIS Transition Team Releases RFI on EIS Transition of Small Agencies

The EIS transition team is releasing an RFI seeking feedback on EIS Transition of Small Agencies.  This Request for Information (RFI) addresses the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) current plans for transitioning small agencies and Native American tribe customers from expiring Networx and WITS 3 contracts to the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts.  The purpose is threefold:


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Draft Solicitation for Using the EIS Contract Now Available

The document is provided for review and is a DRAFT pending the award of the EIS contract to contractors.  Please note that the document is a "work in progress" and is released at this time in an effort to share information with industry partners, agency customers and interested parties.

Persons wishing to submit comments on the document may do so by sending them to: sowassist@gsa.gov

Note: Please label the subject line of your email message with the following: "ACT/IAC DRAFT review comments".


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Transition Strategy and Management Plan Now Available

GSA developed the EIS Transition Strategy and Management Plan (TSMP) for managing the transition from GSA’s current network services contracts to the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program.  This document addresses the program-level, Government-wide approach that GSA follows to manage a successful transition to EIS.  Success for this program includes completion of transition prior to the expiration of the current contracts in May 2020.  In addition, this document advocates the importance of coordination, collaboration, and cooperation among transition stakeholders by clearly defi


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Fair Opportunity and Ordering Guide Now Available

GSA’s Office of Telecommunications Services (OTS) has developed this Fair Opportunity and Ordering Guide for Ordering Contracting Officers (OCOs) and other stakeholders to facilitate the use of the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts and ensure a successful, timely, and orderly transition of telecommunications services from expiring legacy contracts – Networx, WITS 3, and GSA Regional Local Services.  Agencies must begin transition planning now and be prepared to move forward when the EIS contracts are awarded – or risk not having services transitioned before the current con


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EIS Transition Handbook Now Available

The General Services Administration (GSA) developed this handbook for agencies and other stakeholders to facilitate a successful, timely, and orderly transition of services from the expiring Networx, Washington Interagency Telecommunications Systems (WITS) 3, and GSA Regional local services contracts to the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts.


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Follow Up from April 27 EIS Industry Day - Sample SOW/RFP's from Agency Fair Opportunity Competitions under Networx


This RFP was used by Region 4 for a Fair Opportunity competition under Networx.  Statements of work and RFP's from Networx will most likely not apply directly on EIS.  The purpose of posting this is to give sample requirements to suppliers that may not have previously seen Networx' Statements of Work.  



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It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Transition

Transition from current telecom contracts to EIS will begin after GSA awards the EIS contracts. Transitions must complete no later than May 2020.  Therefore, it’s time to start planning for transition. 

We encourage each agency to begin with the following and deliver these to GSA no later than June 2016.

·         Identify key personnel, including asenior transition sponsor, lead transition manager, and transition ordering contracting officer.


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