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GSA Updates the Green Procurement Compilation (GPC) with Several New Features


GSA recently updated its Green Procurement Compilation (GPC) -- formerly Green Products Compilation -- to include several new features, including a portal devoted to green services.

The GPC is a publicly available web site that allows users to identify applicable federal green purchasing requirements for products and services.  


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Updating Your Contact Information in GSA Advantage! and eLibrary

Did you know that your contact person identified on GSA Advantage! and eLibray can sometimes influence a potential customer’s first impression of your company?  We have recently experienced incidents whereby persons listed as the points of contact in GSA Advantange! and eLibary were no longer employed with the Schedule 70 vendor’s company and/or were unable to address potential customers questions regarding the vendor’s Schedule 70 offerings. 


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Share your Agency/Organization's Most Preferred Sustainability Tools!

Two of the most prevalent sustainability-related discussions across the Federal Government are in regards to the challenges faced in tracking, measuring and reporting sustainable activities and knowing where to find and how to procure sustainable products & services.  In various forums, agency representatives have shared the need for a tool that will allow accurate tracking, measuring and reporting against sustainability goals; as well as, act as a guide for sustainable acquisition.


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