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Video: Schedules vs. Open Markets (Pt 9 of 11)

Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) Senior Procurement Analyst Tommy Benton continues his Schedules vs. Open Markets video series from the 2012 GSA Expo. This video wraps up FAR Part 7 planning and goes into the differences between FAR Subpart 8.4 and FAR Part 13, covering full & open competition, solicitation procedures, evaluation procedures, management administration (good table comparisons shown). Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

Join us next Wednesday for the next clip of Schedules vs. Open Markets (Pt 10 of 11)!

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FSS competition

If a solicitation is reserved for Federal Supply Schedule vendors must be the solicitation  be restricted to only one Federal Supply Group (for example, Group 70 only, MOBIS only, etc.)?  Or can solicitations allow any Federal Supply Schedule contractor to quote using their federal supply schedule, not matter what FSG they are in?  Where is this written in regulation or guidance? 

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Public Buildings Service Mid-Atlantic Region Project Mandates Green Purchasing Requirements

PBS Mid-Atlantic Region recently released a solicitation that requires the selected contractor at the post office and courthouse in Pittsburgh to use green products and services during project planning, design, construction, and maintenance. The contractor also must submit a report identifying which green products it will use.The solicitation is the region's first to incorporate green purchasing requirements.

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