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Lessons Learned in Social Media

 To kick off 2012 I wrote an article for agency personnel getting started with social media.  As I was reading over the edits to the article I thought this might be helpful also for our small busness community looking to step into the social network.  I'm in no way an expert as some of you proably have figured out.  I'm still in the learning curve and adapting to the changing cultures of each site.  I make mistakes with URL's, editing and more but I'm here trying to give what I can every day to make a difference for small businesses.  I'm growing with you and hoping that every moment I spen


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Interact Working For You?

Recently we posted a poll on Interact asking if the new GSA social media was working.  Some said yes and some said no.  Tell us what works and what doesn't so that we can improve our methods of reaching out to you - the customer.


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OSBU on Facebook!

OSBU is in the process of developing a Fan Page on Facebook.  Why?  Because we want to be where small businesses access their information.  We are expanding where you can get the information you seek.  Whether it is training events, procurement opportunities, GSA updates or regional news - we want to meet you where you go for answers.  We have also added Twitter to Facebook and what we post to Facebook will go on Twitter and of course it will all come here to interact thorugh our RSS Feeds.  We are also updating our website which is scheduled to go live by EXPO next week as well as an updat


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