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2013 Free Webinar Series Posted

Hello Small Business Community,

We hope everyone is have a great holiday season and that you have learned a lot this year through our training programs.  We use your great feedback to help us increase the quality of our training sessions and to develop valuable outreach initiatives.  

Recently we posted the FREE 2013 classes for the 5 Part Series "Doing Business with GSA" and you can register at both www.gsa.gov/smallbizevents and www.gsa.gov/smallbiztraining .

GSA Building Vision

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Small Business and Sustainable Solutions

 Three hands encircling a green globe.

Hello Small Business Community,

It is a beautiful day in September and I am wondering about our move to a more sustainable work environment and how that affects our small businesses as we seek to provide the best customer care. 

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Sharing Good Information

The following was forwarded to me to share with small businesses. As we seek to meet the goal of Executive Order 13514 which requires 95% of government procurements to be sustainable - opportunities like the one below will become more and more like the norm.

See below and hope it opens doors.

Revised March 16, 2012
Subcontract Opportunities on DOE Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) for GSA’s Net Zero Challenge


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Small Businesses Growing in a Sustainable Market

business people showing growth with a chart behind themThis year our agency (GSA) is collaborating with the Department of Defense to identify the challenges of small business working in the Federal Market with the new sustainable procurement requirements from Executive Order 13514 and how we can make those challenges become opportunities for small businesses instead.  Currently agencies are bein


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Lessons Learned in Social Media

 To kick off 2012 I wrote an article for agency personnel getting started with social media.  As I was reading over the edits to the article I thought this might be helpful also for our small busness community looking to step into the social network.  I'm in no way an expert as some of you proably have figured out.  I'm still in the learning curve and adapting to the changing cultures of each site.  I make mistakes with URL's, editing and more but I'm here trying to give what I can every day to make a difference for small businesses.  I'm growing with you and hoping that every moment I spen


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GSA to Host Small Business Event: September 29, 2021

GSA is hosting a national event on September 29th: entitled “Small Business Works 2021: A Virtual Training and Matchmaking Event.

The goal is to connect our GSA Prime Contractors with qualified small businesses from all socioeconomic categories through purposeful connections and meaningful discussions.  


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