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Security Tip

Security Tip - Handling Logical and Physical Access Problems

Physical Access Control Systems, or PACS, are systems that manage physical access into buildings and other control areas. For example, the system that is used to swipe your card to enter a secured room or that scans your credential before you enter a Federal building, is a PACS. Logical Access Control Systems, or LACS, are systems that manage network and computer access. For example, the system that allows you to insert your credential into your computer and provide a PIN to log in, is a LACS.


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Security Tip – HSPD-12 Helpdesk Emails and Sensitive PII

When contacting the HSPD-12 Helpdesk (hspd12@gsa.gov), or when communicating with MSO staff individually, it is important to be cognizant of the type of information you are including in emails. Do not send sensitive applicant Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as DOB or SSN via email. Usually, MSO staff can look up applicants with just their name. If there is any confusion regarding the applicant, MSO staff will contact you to clarify.


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Security Tip: Credentialing Center Security Reminders

Upholding high security standards at USAccess Credentialing Centers is critical to the integrity of the enrollments and activations that occur there, as well as the overall mission and security of the USAccess program. Role holders who operate out of a Credentialing Center should remember these important security requirements:


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Security Tip: Re-Capture Everything During Re-Enrollments

Registrars, remember that you must always re-capture fingerprints, re-take the photo, and re-scan ID documents during a re-enrollment. Since Registrars do not have the ability to determine why a re-enrollment was requested, you must always re-do the entire enrollment process.

In most cases, in order to re-capture fingerprints, you must first clear the original fingerprints. You may do so by clicking the “Clear All” button in the Capture Window of the 10-print screen.


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Security Tip: Linking Documents

The only time during enrollment that identity source documents with different names can be accepted is when both the primary and secondary documents are valid and not expired, and an official linking document is provided linking the two names.

A linking document must have both the former and current legal names on it, and it might include a marriage certificate, certified copy of birth certificate, or court record. 


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Security Tip: Laptop Security When Traveling

When traveling with your agency assigned laptop, use extra caution to prevent theft. Laptops, when in sight, are very attractive targets. If you have to step away from your belongings in any public access locations such as an airport, make sure that you take your laptop and bag with you. The only exception is if you are traveling with someone you know and trust, and it is a good practice to remind them not to leave your laptop unattended as well. While going through a security or customs screening, also try to keep visual contact with your laptop if you are required to set it down. 


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Security Tip: Credential Inventory Tool is important for Chain-of-Trust

Issuing organizations are required to maintain a Chain-of-Trust from the time credentials are physically received, when they are transferred to the credential holder, and throughout the lifecycle until credential destruction.

Timely use of the Credential Inventory Tool (CIT) by Operators and Activators is required to ensure that the Chain-of-Trust is properly maintained throughout its lifecycle and that USAccess and your agency know the status and location of a credential. 


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