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PACS Reverse Industry Training

On September 17, 2018, GSA hosted the PACS Reverse Industry Training. This all day event included five panel sessions featuring industry representatives offering their perspectives on government PACS challenges and solutions.  The goal for this event was to empower agencies with useful industry feedback to improve their processes for the acquisition, planning, implementation, and testing processes of PACS.



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Cloud Reverse Industry Training

It’s getting cloudy in here! GSA hosted its first government wide Reverse Industry Training event on June 28, 2018. Hosted by the Office of Procurement Ombudsman and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Implementation (FedRAMP), the event focused on Cloud adoption and migration, and was designed to help government work through the challenges and issues facing Cloud adoption. The event provided the federal workforce with an opportunity to address concerns faced by their agencies and grow a better understanding of adopting and transmitting to Cloud services.



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PBS Reverse Industry Training

GSA’s Office of the Procurement continued its successful outreach to the vendor community with the PBS Reverse Industry Training! Held on April 10, 2018, this event offered industry partners a forum to share their perspectives on the acquisition process and highlight areas where improvements can be made, focusing on the Public Building Services’ Leasing and A&E/Construction Programs.


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FAS Reverse Industry Training

GSA’s Office of the Procurement Ombudsman held its FAS Reverse Industry Training event on February 20, 2018 at GSA Headquarters (1800 F. St NW Washington, DC) and addressed methods of improving contract outcomes through more effective communication and engagement between Government and Industry during the Acquisition Life Cycle.

The event included opening remarks from FAS Commissioner Alan Thomas, a keynote address from GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, and three sessions full of vital information that will make your job easier.



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The First Reverse Industry Training

GSA’s Office of the Procurement of Ombudsman hosted its first Reverse Industry Training on July 10, 2017. The event focused on the importance and value of debriefs for both government and industry and how communication techniques during debrief and acquisition life-cycles can reduce protest.The event included three panel sessions that covered the full acquisition process.

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What are Reverse Industry Trainings (RIT)?

What are RITs?

You’ve probably heard of Reverse Industry Training or Reverse Industry Day events by now, and perhaps have attended a few. GSA has hosted several of these events over the past year. Reverse Industry Training is a model that delivers training to the acquisition workforce through the eyes and perceptions of industry.  The training provides acquisition professionals with an opportunity to learn more about industry’s processes related to pursuing, bidding and winning federal contracts, debriefs and protests – from industry’s viewpoint.


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