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Changes to the MOBIS Schedule

The article you see below was drafted by our MOBIS team to explain recent changes to MOBIS.  Special thanks to our guest blogger Kris Montague (also the MOBIS Champion within the Management Services Center) and Jessica Havens (on a rotation through my team) for editing assistance, some great ideas and general awesomeness!



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Which Clauses in the Basic Schedules Contract flow down to Task Orders Issued Against Those Contracts?


This is a frequently asked question we cover to some extent in our standard Using GSA Schedules for Professional Services seminar but our friends at the Department of Interior recently pointed out during one of our seminar sessions that there exists no discussion on this topic online (or at least nothing they could find).  Well, I can’t find it either!


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GSA Training Conference and Expo 2011 - Using GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS): The Basics

Event details
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM
San Diego Convention Center Room 30C

This introductory training course will provide an overview of: (1) What Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) are, (2) Why they are a valuable procurement vehicle, (3) Brief facts about how they where created and who can use them, (4) the process of awarding Schedules and (5) ordering from Schedules.

Credits: 1.00

Session Time & Location:  Tuesday, May 10, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Room 30C

Instructors:  Mahruba Uddowla / GSA & Nicholas West / GSA

Source: http://expo.gsa.gov/training/matrix


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