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MAS Schedule 58 I

Important Update: Upcoming Refresh/Mass Mod to Implement Order-Level Materials (OLMs) on Schedules 36, 58 I, 78, 71 IIK and 72

2/21 UPDATE: Q&A and additional information have been attached to this announcement, see below. 




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IMPORTANT UPDATE: GSA Discontinues the Formatted Product Tool (FPT)

The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) has decided to discontinue the Formatted Product Tool (FPT) and will begin reverting contracts that were awarded through the FPT process or opted into FPT via a modification in the next few months.


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Upcoming Refresh/Mass Mod for All GSA Schedules to Incorporate Clause and Provision Updates, including Small Business Subcontracting Improvements-Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center Updates

DISCLAIMER: GSA FAS is posting this notification of a planned solicitation refresh or mass modification as a courtesy to industry. All comments on the attached DRAFT document must be submitted in the “Comments” section below within ten (10) business days of this posting. Comments provided elsewhere or after 10 business days will not be considered. GSA FAS will consider all relevant comments and make changes to the DRAFT as appropriate, but will not issue a formal response to industry comments or related inquiries.


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