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Register today for the governmentwide Professional Services virtual forecasting event

The governmentwide Professional Services Category is proud to host our first ever Forecasting Event. Join us for two virtual forecasting webinars where defense and civilian agencies will share information about upcoming professional services opportunities to increase participation of qualified industry partners.


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SETAS Tranisition Chart Revised as of 12 September 2018

Dear Industry,


Hello!! Attached is the updated SETAS Transition Schedule chart with several updates. Please note all awarded efforts have been colored white and awardee information can be found on page 2 of the document. Other changes have been made to the unawarded TORPs as far as anticipated SETAC10 end date, anticipated RFP release date, and anticipated SETAS award date.


We appreciate industry feedback and support and look forward to working with you in the future!




Haleigh M. Dobbs


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Dear Industry Partners,


In an effort to help you all in the preparation of your proposals in support of the SETAS Program I'm sending you the pricing template. I've made a few updates to the template to include listing the prime contractor and subcontractor offer on each worksheet and the inclusion of the CAF CLIN. Please note, this is subject to change with each solicitation. Therefore, it is ultimately your responsibility to verify that the pricing template provided with the solicitation is the one you use in response to that RFP.





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