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GSA Advantage

Advantage Changes Related to Minimum Order Quantities

To improve customer experience associated with Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), we’ve updated the way GSA Advantage notifies customers when their orders don’t meet MOQ requirements. Now, a customer putting an item below the applicable MOQ into their shopping cart will see a note saying: “The items from [VENDOR NAME] fall below the contract Minimum Order of $ [MINIMUM VALUE]. In order to purchase this item, you have three options:


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Updating Your Contact Information in GSA Advantage! and eLibrary

Did you know that your contact person identified on GSA Advantage! and eLibray can sometimes influence a potential customer’s first impression of your company?  We have recently experienced incidents whereby persons listed as the points of contact in GSA Advantange! and eLibary were no longer employed with the Schedule 70 vendor’s company and/or were unable to address potential customers questions regarding the vendor’s Schedule 70 offerings. 


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Video: Buy Green (Pt 3 of 6)

In the latest GSA Training: Buy Green video, Dana Arnold, the Director of the Program Analysis Division, continues the discussion on helpful tools offered for buying green. In this video, Dana summarizes the use of the Green Products Compilation tool and GSA Advantage platform.  Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

Tune in next Wednesday for more information about buying green!


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Video: Small Business Utilization (Pt 3 of 7)

Mahruba Uddowla, of the Multiple Award Schedules Office of GSA, continues her presentation on GSA Schedules and Small Business Utilization in video 3 of 7. In this video, Mahruba covers the basics of the Schedules Program which include the Socioeconomic Credit, MAS Contractors’ Catalogs/Pricelists, GSA Advantage, and eLibrary.  Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

Tune in next Wednesday as our interactive series on Small Business Utilization continues.


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05 Video - GSA e-Tools

This video explains more of GSA’s e-tools. GSA eBUY is an online RFQ system that allows ordering activities to obtain quotes and issue orders. It can be used to issue RFIs and expedite processes, and provides a summary of contractor response and proposal information in electronic form. GSA Advantage! is an online shopping service through which ordering activities may place orders against the Schedules . It can be used to compare prices, access Global Supply products, and see environmental items that GSA offers. The segment closes with an explanation of State and Local programs.


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Utilizing Set-Aside Special Item Numbers (SINs) for Small Business

Schedule contractors’ catalogs and pricelists, available on GSA Advantage!® and GSA eLibrary, contain information on a broad array of supplies and services offered by small businesses. Ordering activities may use this information to meet or exceed established socioeconomic goals. The information should also be used as a tool to identify specific small business representations: small business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, woman-owned small business, and small disadvantaged business.


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