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Connecting with Cloud Service Providers in the Market

As part of its ongoing market research efforts, GSA's Cloud ConFIG team is eager to meet with vendors in the cloud computing market, particularly those who are cloud service providers. If your organization would like to support our research efforts, please reach out to the Cloud ConFIG team at CloudConFIG@gsa.gov and a member of the team will be in touch with you to schedule.

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Upcoming FY16 requirements

Industry has spoken and the Goverment is listening. We are working hard to publish forecasted requirements. Attached you will find some of our end of year requirements expected to be procured in the next month by COB-SA, COB-FC or USAMRAA. Some may be in the works and near award (sorry).  As I mentioned during the DHITS symposium, I am committed to improving this process in FY17.


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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Health Information Technology -- DHA/GSA Partnership

This represents a community where customers and industry can engage and discuss Health Information Technology related topics and issues. This will serve as a forum where the Health IT community can share ideas on how to create stronger contracts, understand issues affecting health IT further, communicate, and continue to grow and build the vendor base in this emerging market. The group will be jointly managed by the DHA Program Management Office and GSA.

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Agile Pre-solicitation Conference Slides and Draft Labor Category Descriptions

Agile Community,

Attached is the slide deck from the Agile Pre-solicitation conference and Draft Labor Category Descriptions held on May 8, 2015. We are currently reviewing your questions and compiling responses. We hope to have those responses posted on Interact soon. Stay Tuned!!   


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Agile Delivery Services BPA Community

The primary purpose of our group is to facilitate direct communication with GSA’s customers and industry partners, who are interested in the Agile Services Delivery Blanket Purchase Agreement (ASD-BPA).  The site will be used primarily to communicate updates on the BPA as well as to receive feedback from key stakeholders on this effort.

About 18F:

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OPM Hosts Industry Day

Good Morning,

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will be hosting an Industry Day on Monday, July 14th, 2014, to provide an overview and insight into the agency's acquisition strategies for a full range of contracting opportunities.  OPM has invited GSA to present on the OPM/GSA partnership regarding the Training and Management Assistance (TMA) program.  

Please visit the below website for registration instructions and for further details.

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