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Gateway Feedback

What Do You Search For on the Gateway? Help us Build our Tag Search Feature!

The Gateway is now searchable by tag words - check out the new features at https://hallways.cap.gsa.gov/app/#/search and find articles, community discussions, contracts and solutions tagged to words of interest.

What words do you want to search by across Gateway apps? Tell us what tags we should add, and think about

·         subjects

·         topics

·         content types


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What Data Elements would you want in your Acquisition Project Dashboard?

Project Dashboards is a new feature coming this fall where you can track your active and completed acquisition projects- those owned by you and shared with you.

Here is an image of the Project Dashboard with suggested data elements.  You’ll see to the right there are other potential dashboard elements. 


Federal users- we'd like your input!

o   What data elements would you want to see in your dashboard?


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Future Feature - Feedback & Discussion, 'Share a Project' Feature

Starting this fall, Federal Gateway users will be able to share a project with others and collaborate to complete tasks and milestones, and to create and collect documents and Gateway content for their acquisitions. 
Here is a design concept for Project Share.  On this screen you can invite people to join your project, give them access levels, and then assign a role.   

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Future Feature - Feedback & Discussion, 'Find Connections - Advanced Search'


Starting this fall, federal Gateway users will be able to make valuable new connections on the Gateway using an Advanced People Search in Community.

Here is a design concept for Connections Finder - Advanced Search.   On this screen, you can make new valuable connections in searching by agency, areas of knowledge or experience, categories they procure in, solutions they manage or have used, and certifications. 


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