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Federal Supply Schedules

Suggestions for Improving the GSA Schedules Contracting Process

On our most recent discussion board there was quite a bit a chatter about the improvement of the application process for GSA Schedules.  We want to know your ideas and suggestions.  As technology improves and the agency circulates leadership - fresh perspectives help keep us all going.

Chime in with your ideas, suggestions, etc.



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VA Federal Supply Schedules

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Acquisition Center (NAC) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Program supports the healthcare requirements of the VA and other federal government agencies (OGA).  In 1981, the VA launched the VA managed FSS program  under  delegated authority by GSA (see FAR 8.402(a)) for multiple award contracts for medical equipment, supply, pharmaceutical, and service


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FAR 51 Deviation - A Tool to Help You Achieve a Total Solution

To better meet the needs of GSA’s customer agencies, a deviation to FAR Part 51.1 has been approved to expand the authority of contractors to use GSA sources of supply placed on a time-and-materials (T&M)/labor-hour (LH) basis. Federal Government contracting officers have been authorized to give all GSA contractors access to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and GSA Global Supply Programs when deemed appropriate for fulfillment of their agency requirements. Please note that the FSS Program is inclusive of those Schedules managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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New Authorization for American National Red Cross to Purchase via Schedules

GSA Schedule contractors can now sell to the American National Red Cross through their Federal Supply Schedules contract.  Section 2 of the Federal Supply Schedules Usage Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-263), provides that in furtherance of the purposes of the American National Red Cross as set forth in 36 U.S.C. § 300102, the Administrator of General Services may provide for the use of the Federal Supply Schedules. GSA, pursuant to this Act, has authorized the American National Red Cross to access Schedules when purchasing in furtherance of its purposes as set forth in 36 U.S.C.


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