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Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative

Talk to GSA | Attend virtual Industry Day on January 29

Agency will host public event to get feedback from commercial industry about future Building Maintenance and Operations strategic sourcing program
On Wednesday, January 29, from 9-11 a.m. (EDT), GSA will be holding a virtual conference dedicated to engaging commercial firms and industry organizations to gather their input regarding the development of a government-wide, potential strategic sourcing program related to Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) services.

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Announcement | GSA Seeks Ideas About How to Improve Building Operations Practices Across the Government

In 2013, Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) was selected as one of five new commodity categories to be considered as a potential Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI). GSA, in addition to a team comprised of representatives from 18 federal agencies, is now in the process of developing a government-wide program designed to improve the way the federal government purchases and manages these types of services. 

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Important Notice in Preparation of OS3 Solicitations: Are You AbilityOne Authorized?

As we work through OS3, we want to keep you updated on where we're going.  To win OS3, one of the requirements now will be AbilityOne Certification.   Need help?  Find out how you can get started. AbiliyOne's Eric Beale can help. To find out more more, please call Eric at703.603.2119 or ebeale@abilityone.gov.


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Seeking Industry Feedback: Copy Paper Requirements for the OS3 Requisition Channel

The draft requisition channel Bundling Analysis posted last week  on Wednesday, October 23rd, references the potential of a paper set-aside for Small Businesses.  As freight is a major cost-driver for small paper orders (less than a pallet), it has been suggested that vendors with larger distribution infrastructures (i.e.

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Requesting Your Feedback on Sustainable Delivery Options and Supply Chain Efficiency

In a prior post, we asked for your feedback on more-sustainable options for manufacturer-provided packaging for office supplies. Just as important is the packaging chosen by vendors for shipping and delivery, and the efficiency of the delivery supply chain.  A


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Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO) Government-wide Strategic Sourcing Solution


Welcome to the GSA strategic sourcing Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) community. This effort is being undertaken to improve the way the federal government sources and manages building maintenance and operations services, including operations maintenance (HVAC, elevators, plumbing, electrical and building management) and facility support services (janitorial, waste management, janitorial, pest control). 

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Requesting Your Input: How Do We Increase Spend on Contracting Vehicles?

In an effort to give government agency customers greater visibility and insight into their spending habits, how do we drive office supplies spend to the strategic sourcing contract vehicles and reduce open market sales? We want to hear from Industry, please share your thoughts with us. Thanks!


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