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Topic | Not just GSA, BMO services will pertain to all federal property

GSA is just beginning to set the path for the future Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO) services strategic sourcing program. However, one thing is for sure--once completed, the building maintenance and operations services covered by this new solution will be available for ALL federal agencies to use.

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GSA wants to hear from you! Launch of discussion and education series on Interact.gsa.gov

The Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO) services strategic sourcing development team is working to develop its menu of best practices and future acquisition solution. Last month, GSA hosted a web conference, dedicated to engaging commercial industry and BMO service providers. Over 300 individuals from around the country participated, generating over 400 comments and questions about the future BMO program. (A complete list of these questions and our answers will be posted within the next two weeks).

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Blog Discussion: Obstacles to Achieving Federal Sustainability Goals

Per the latest OMB Scorecard release (June 2012), 11 out of 23 agencies scored "Red" in the Green Buildings category.  With various resources available (i.e., Energy and Utility Savings Performance Contracts, Space reduction/revitalization  mandates and green buildings certifications), where/why is the Federal government falling short in "greening" its facilities?


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