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FAR 51

Expiration of FAR 51 Deviation Authority

The FAR 51 Deviation expired on October 23, 2019 and shall not be used on orders placed after this date. Accordingly, clause CI-FSS-056 FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATION (FAR) PART 51 DEVIATION AUTHORITY (FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULES) (JAN 2010) has been DELETED from the Consolidated Solicitation under Refresh 1.


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FAR Part 51 Deviation: Webinar Recording Available

Did you miss Sheri Meadema's webinar on FAR Part 51 Deviation for Customers - Contractor Use of the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program? 

No worries, here is the link to her presentation given August 11th. 

Remember, be sure to mark your calendar for next month's webinar on GSA Schedules State and Local Government programs, September 8th, 1pm EST.


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Free Webinar: 8/11, 1pm Eastern. Topic: FAR Part 51 Deviation for Customers - Contractor Use of MAS

8/11, 1pm Eastern Webinar: FAR Part 51 Deviation for Customers - Contractor Use of the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program

NEW: You may Register Here to earn 1 Continuous Learning Point (CLP). This CLP can be used toward your FAC-C electives, FAC-COTR electives, and other based on your agency requirements and approval. Full name and email address is required. You do not need to register to attend, however, you must register to receive a CLP.


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GSA Training Conference and Expo 2011 - FAR Part 51 Deviation for Customers: Contractor Use of MAS

Event details
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 2:30 PM to 3:45 PM
San Diego Convention Center Room 30C

GSA has created another contracting tool within the MAS Program to help our customers acquire total solutions, specifically in regard to materials that are incidental to the primary purpose of the order. The FAR 51 deviation allows all GSA contractors to procure items from Schedules and/or the GSA Global Supply Program. This course will discuss how to take advantage of the new ordering flexibility; the purpose and benefits of the deviation; criteria for use; roles and responsibilities; and the process for authorization and order placement.

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FAR 51 Deviation - A Tool to Help You Achieve a Total Solution

To better meet the needs of GSA’s customer agencies, a deviation to FAR Part 51.1 has been approved to expand the authority of contractors to use GSA sources of supply placed on a time-and-materials (T&M)/labor-hour (LH) basis. Federal Government contracting officers have been authorized to give all GSA contractors access to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and GSA Global Supply Programs when deemed appropriate for fulfillment of their agency requirements. Please note that the FSS Program is inclusive of those Schedules managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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