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The Acquisition Gateway - "Acting as One"

Hello - There is an important campaign taking place within the "halls of GSA."  We are embarking on an important "slam" to tell others about the Acquisition Gateway, both within FAS/GSA and the acquisition workforce in other agencies.  The principles of Category Management and the Gateway work in concert with one another to effectuate effective contracting spend through analytics, a taxonomy comprising 17 category hallways, and tools which can be used by program/contracting officials within Government.  This will reduce contract proliferation, develop better spend/budget decisions, and fost


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Update to the Federal Executive Board - 12 November 2015

Hello - Yesterday, I had an opportunity to brief the SF-FEB at its monthly meeting.  In a nutshell, I gave an update on the 10/22 small business outreach event sponsored by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  I also addressed the upcoming training on 11/18 sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of the National Contract Management Association, which will be held at the Oakland Federal Building.  


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