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Interact Question # 20 - Medium-Sized Business (MSB) Contractors

GSA Blog submission by John Cavadias, Alliant 2 Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO)

QUESTION (Summarized from submitted questions to alliant2@gsa.gov):

Will GSA consider establishing a Medium-sized business (MSB) Alliant 2 GWAC, or will GSA consider easing or reducing the proposal and evaluation criteria factors on the Alliant 2 unrestricted solicitation?

COMMENTS (Summarized from submitted comments to alliant2@gsa.gov):


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Interact Topic #19 – Summary of November 3rd, 2014 Alliant 2 / Alliant 2 Small Business Industry Day

Attached is a PDF including slide presentations from the November 3rd, 2014 Alliant 2 / Alliant 2 Small Business Industry Day along with a summary of the most frequently asked questions with answers. Not all questions that were submitted are addressed in this document.



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Interact Topic #18 – Cost Accounting Systems (CAS) Proposal Requirement

Evidencing an adequate CAS is a mandatory proposal requirement for the Alliant 2 Program. The requirement is for the offeror to demonstrate in its proposal on the proposal submission date that it has an accounting system determined to be adequate for federal cost reimbursement contracting by Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or any other cognizant federal agency per FAR 16.301-3(a)(1). Demonstrating this determination in the offer is mandatory; thus, a go/no go proposal requirement.


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Interact Question # 17 - Leading Edge Technologies (Update)

In accordance with our continued commitment to communicate early with industry in the direction we are considering, we are sharing the following update as it relates to Leading Edge Technologies.

As a result of the Alliant 2 / Alliant 2 Small Business Industry Day and in response to industry suggestions, we are planning to change Leading Edge Technologies as published in the Request for Information (RFI) document dated 24 October 2014 and available on FEDBIZOPPS.  We expect to publish these changes on Interact by the end of this calendar year.


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Interact Topic #16: Relevant Experience Requirement for Joint Ventures

As described in the published Request for Information (RFI) for Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB, relevant experience submissions must be in the name of the Offeror; joint ventures are no exception.  This requirement may impact Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs), which for the purposes of these two contracts are defined as two or more companies forming a partnership or joint venture to act as a potential prime contractor.  The requirement for relevant experience to be in the name of the Offeror is based on a number of factors, namely customer feedback and experience with joint ventures on exi


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Interact Question #15: Feedback from Alliant 2 / Alliant 2 Small Business (A2/A2SB) Industry Day & RFI

Thank you to all attendees that participated in the recent GSA Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 Small Business (A2/A2SB) GWAC Industry Day and to those of you who also submitted questions and comments at that event and via the alliant2@gsa.gov email box before and after that event.  We are in the process of reviewing and grouping concerns and recommendations into topical areas for GSA discussion and consideration.  Some of these areas of industry concern will be posted with the A2/A2SB Acquisition Team’s responses in the weeks to follow.


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Interact Question #14: A2/A2SB GWAC November Industry Meeting Information

The November A2/A2SB GWAC Industry Meeting will take place with the GSA A2/A2SB GWAC Team on Wednesday, 11/19 at 1:30 p.m. ET. This virtual meeting will be no longer than 90 minutes. An agenda and more details will be provided as they are finalized.

If you have suggestions, please submit them below in the comments section of this Interact notice.

If you would like to participate in the November A2/A2SB GWAC Industry Meeting, please register at the link here:


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Interact Question #3 – Cybersecurity – Update/Clarification - Version 2

The GSA GWAC Program thanks you again, for your valuable input and suggestions on this topic. This is a continuation of the Cybersecurity market research previously addressed on the GSA Interact.

The proposed approach under consideration is to require potential Alliant 2 Contractors to affirm and sign the attached document titled “Offeror’s Certification of Understanding of Security Publications / Affirmation of Offeror’s Information Security Policies” and make this a part of the terms and conditions of A2 contract.


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Interact Question #12 – Sustainability Management

All Federal agencies purchase goods and services, operate buildings, own or lease fleet vehicles, and use IT equipment. These four activities create significant environmental and energy impacts -- impacts that can be mitigated by our purchasing decisions.


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