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Alliant II

Interact Question #4 – Quality/Technical Certifications

In an effort to assure customers that the GSA Alliant 2 GWAC program will maintain the highest levels of Information Technology (IT) services by awarding to premier IT contractors with quality/technical competencies, the GSA Alliant 2 GWAC program is considering adding requirements of generally accepted certifications as criteria for the next Alliant 2 family of GWAC contracts (Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 Small Business). The quality/technical certifications that are emerging thus far as appropriate for consideration are ISO 9000 series and CMMI.


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Clarification/Update - Interact Question #3 - Cyber Security Risk Management Plan

Thank you all for your valuable input and suggestions. In an effort to clear the confusion between the Alliant team’s question and a more government wide effort that is currently being socialized, please consider the proposed Alliant 2 Cyber Risk Management Plan (CRMP) is separate from, but complementary to, the implementation of Executive Order 13636.


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Interact Question #2 – Product Service Codes (PSCs)

We thank all of you who responded to the first set of questions posted related to Labor Categories. We believe we have adequate feedback on that topic to now move on to the next question.

The next topic for discussion is on Product Service Codes (PSCs). 


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Interact Question #1 – Labor Categories

Information builds knowledge. Knowledge is power for the consumer.

One of the goals of Alliant 2 (A2) and Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB) is to make these contracts more powerful by improving the information that is gathered on work performed on these GWACs and sharing appropriate information to drive efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, competition and savings.

One of the common questions frequently received is, “What type of Information Technology (IT) work is performed under Alliant and Alliant Small Business (A/ASB)?”.


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