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acquisition excellence

Job Vacancy for Contracts Director at GSA - GS-1102-15 (Link below)

Hello and Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a very good and productive year end.  I know many of us were extremely busy, right up to the end of the fiscal year.  

A Happy Belated New Fiscal Year!

I wanted to let people of the SF-AIC know that GSA, FAS, Region 9 is advertising for a contracts director position.  The duty station is in San Francisco and is graded at a GS-15.  For further information, please refer to the link below.  



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Upcoming Agency Industry Day

Good Morning
As discussed in the December 3, 2015 Council Meeting, we would establish a "Bay Area Industry Day for Small Businesses" to help educate and provide visibility to the various types of requirements our agencies support.  We are in the process of setting up the event for Thursday, April 28, 2016 at the Oakland Federal Building.

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The Acquisition Gateway - "Acting as One"

Hello - There is an important campaign taking place within the "halls of GSA."  We are embarking on an important "slam" to tell others about the Acquisition Gateway, both within FAS/GSA and the acquisition workforce in other agencies.  The principles of Category Management and the Gateway work in concert with one another to effectuate effective contracting spend through analytics, a taxonomy comprising 17 category hallways, and tools which can be used by program/contracting officials within Government.  This will reduce contract proliferation, develop better spend/budget decisions, and fost


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Update to the Federal Executive Board - 12 November 2015

Hello - Yesterday, I had an opportunity to brief the SF-FEB at its monthly meeting.  In a nutshell, I gave an update on the 10/22 small business outreach event sponsored by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  I also addressed the upcoming training on 11/18 sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of the National Contract Management Association, which will be held at the Oakland Federal Building.  


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