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Meet The New Ombudsman and The New AbilityOne Program Executive

There is a new Procurement Ombudsman and a new AbilityOne Program Executive at GSA (these faces might be familiar)! Maria Swaby has been named the new Procurement Ombudsman and the former Ombudsman, Millisa Gary, has assumed the role of the AbilityOne Program Executive. The office thanks Millisa for all the hard work she has done to get this office off the ground and wishes both her and Maria Swaby good fortune in their new roles.



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What is GSA’s Relationship with the AbilityOne Program?

In 2002, GSA/PBS created a partnership with the AbilityOne program and developed a Strategic Alliance agreement. Since that time, GSA/PBS has been striving to reach the established vision and goals of the Alliance stated below to ensure people with disabilities have an opportunity to work while GSA receives quality custodial service consistent with the services provided by the commercial sector.

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Who is SourceAmerica?

SourceAmerica (formerly NISH) is one of the national Central Nonprofit Agency’s designated by the U.S. AbilityOne Commission to provide technical assistance to the nonprofit agencies interested in obtaining federal contracts under the auspices of the AbilityOne Program. 
SourceAmerica’s role is to work closely with nonprofit agencies and Government contracting activities to ensure the AbilityOne Program works effectively by providing quality services to the Federal Government at a fair market price.

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Important Notice in Preparation of OS3 Solicitations: Are You AbilityOne Authorized?

As we work through OS3, we want to keep you updated on where we're going.  To win OS3, one of the requirements now will be AbilityOne Certification.   Need help?  Find out how you can get started. AbiliyOne's Eric Beale can help. To find out more more, please call Eric at703.603.2119 or ebeale@abilityone.gov.


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