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The Acquisition Gateway - "Acting as One"

Hello - There is an important campaign taking place within the "halls of GSA."  We are embarking on an important "slam" to tell others about the Acquisition Gateway, both within FAS/GSA and the acquisition workforce in other agencies.  The principles of Category Management and the Gateway work in concert with one another to effectuate effective contracting spend through analytics, a taxonomy comprising 17 category hallways, and tools which can be used by program/contracting officials within Government.  This will reduce contract proliferation, develop better spend/budget decisions, and fost


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Heading Towards the Finish Line and What's Ahead for R9 AAS


It's been awhile since I had an opportunity to post a blog on this site and let you know what's been happening in the world of the Pacific Rim Region, Assisted Acquisition Services Division. 

All of the PMs are working their requirements diligently and coordinating their efforts with the contracting officers and financial managers during the last remaining weeks of the fiscal year.  As in our recent years, we have optimized resources, enhanced our proaction, and established cut off dates, so we can ensure that we can deliver what we've promised to our clients. 


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