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599-2. Travel Agent Services

SCHEDULE 599 - Notice of Upcoming Solicitation Refresh #24

Notice of Upcoming Solicitation Refresh #24 for Schedule 599 Travel Services Solutions The General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is planning to refresh Schedule 599 – Travel Services Solutions (TSS) in April 2019. This update will further streamline the TSS solicitation as follows: • Incorporate a pricing schedule to the SIN 599 2, Travel Agent Services, Statement of Work (SOW) that adds new language regarding alternative pricing and IFF calculation.


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SCHEDULE 599 – Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) Increase - SIN 599-2 (only)

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2018 The Industrial Funding Fee reimburses the General Services Administration for the cost incurred in procuring and managing Schedule 599 – Travel Services Solutions. Currently, the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) for SIN 599-2 is $1.50 per transaction. Effective October 1, 2018 an additional fee of $1.60 will be assessed to all Transaction A – Air and/or Rail Ticket with or without Lodging and/or Car Rental Reservations (see definition below) under SIN 599-2. The new collection fee (IFF) will be $3.10 per transaction.


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