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7/22/20 Information Technology Category (ITC) Contract Modifications Training 7/22/20 In this webinar we will discuss the following guidelines provided in your IT Schedule 70 Award Letter.
7/22/20 EIS: Path to the Future - Solutions to Modernize your Enterprise Network Path to the Future with EIS
7/22/20 GSA's FSSI Office Supply Fourth Generation (OS4) Webinar- 7/22/2020 Now Available. Learn How to Use them Today.
7/22/20 GSA GWACS for IT Services-Based Solutions FCL-GSA-0870 7/22/20 Government wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) enable federal agencies to buy cost-effective, innovative solutions for information technology (IT) requirements. Because most,
7/23/20 Basic Contracting for GSA Schedules, FCL-GSA-0023 7/23/20 This comprehensive training course covers Federal Supply Schedules contracting and ordering procedures. It addresses placing orders against Multiple Award Schedules, as outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 8.4.
7/23/20 Information Technology Category (ITC) Marketing Training 7/23/20 The discussion will include the benefit to having the schedule and the advantage for your customers to utilize the schedule program.
7/29/20 GSA INDOPACOM AOR Virtual Training Series-Basics Learn the Basics of Property Disposal and Reporting Excess Personal Property and get a live tutorial of GSAXcess.2 Continuous Learning Point (CLP)
7/29/20 Alliant 2 DPA Training 7/29/2020 Alliant 2 DPA Training 7/29/2020
7/29/20 Effective Market Research, FCL-GSA-0180 (7/29/20) In this course, you will learn why market research is conducted, when and how to conduct market research; the regulatory
7/29/20 Support Your Mission! 7/29/20 An introduction and explication as to what Heartland Supply does and how it helps Federal customers. 1 CLP credit.