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Request for Information (RFI) Issued for JanSan Requisition

We are beginning work on the JanSan Requisition Channel strategic solution.  We are posting this RFI to conduct market research to help build acquisition strategies for the Requisition Channel.  We are asking for your feedback.  This RFI will remain open until December 20, 2013.  GSA will collect questions at this email FSSI.JanSan-Req@gsa.gov until November 6, 2013 and will post answers by November 22, 2013.  We look forward to your constructive comments and perspective. And thank you in advance for your participation!!

RFI jansan1024update v1



UPDATE:  The JanSan team would like to thank vendors who have reviewed the Request for Information (RFI) and submitted questions.  Please see responses to your questions in the doc below:

JanSan Req Channel RFI Q&A Nov 2013 v2





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