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Requesting Your Feedback on Sustainable Delivery Options and Supply Chain Efficiency

In a prior post, we asked for your feedback on more-sustainable options for manufacturer-provided packaging for office supplies. Just as important is the packaging chosen by vendors for shipping and delivery, and the efficiency of the delivery supply chain.  As we continue to develop sustainability requirements and goals for OS3, we are interested in hearing Industry's feedback on these two additional sustainability topics:

1. Secondary (Delivery) Packaging: Beyond the environment, packaging affects shipping costs, customer waste disposal costs, and customer convenience. When packaging orders for delivery, some office supplies vendors have started using more-sustainable materials and methods including variable-size shipping cartons; delivery in bags and/or returnable plastic crates instead of corrugated cartons; recycled, biobased and compostable dunnage materials; and take-back and reuse/recycling of packaging materials, including pallets. What are your thoughts on these and related packaging practices, and their impact on the environment and/or costs?
2. Sustainable Distribution and Delivery Data Reporting: Leading delivery companies like UPS and FedEx now offer customers account-level reports on the greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of their shipments, providing a potential way for federal agencies to measure and manage the environmental impact of their orders. (Like delivery costs, GHG emissions from delivery are lower when orders are bundled into fewer and larger orders). Similarly, a popular EPA voluntary program, the SmartWay Transport Partnership, has helped thousands of companies including both transportation companies and product shippers to measure, manage and reduce the fuel and environmental impacts of their shipping. What are your thoughts on these supply chain efficiency initiatives and data reporting practices? 

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