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Seeking Industry Feedback on Sustainable Office Supply Packaging

GSA’s top sustainability priorities for office supply acquisitions include reducing product and shipment packaging, optimizing delivery services, ensuring green products compliance, and data management. As we work to develop sustainability requirements and goals for OS3, we are interested in hearing Industry's feedback.


Specifically, some GSA customers have expressed interest in having products packaged by the manufacturer in alternative packaging that is less energy- and material-intensive than standard retail packaging. For example, some office supplies like scissors, staplers, tape dispensers, document flags or Post-It notes, and pens/pencils, which are typically offered at retail in individual, glossy hang cards to maximize shelf space and visibility, may be available in non-retail bulk packaging which contains less total plastics, paperboard, and color ink; has more recycled content; and/or uses less space and energy to distribute. Such packaging may also be easier for users to open and/or dispose of or recycle than traditional retail packaging. What are your thoughts on this business practice? Please share them with us.


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