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11/18/20 Maintenance Repair Facility Supplies (MRFS) Training 11/18/20 Learn the benefits, savings, and ordering options of the Maintenance Repair Facility Supplies Purchasing Channel strategic sourcing solution
11/18/20 Alliant 2 DPA Training 11/18/2020 Alliant 2 DPA Training 11/18/2020
11/18/20 COVID-19 Acquisition Resources through GSA Join us to learn more about COVID-19 acquisition resources available through GSA
11/18/20 GSA's FSSI Office Supply Fourth Generation (OS4) Webinar- 11/18/2020 Now Available. Learn How to Use them Today.
11/18/20 Effective Market Research (FCL-GSA-0180) (11/18/20) In this course, you will learn why market research is conducted, when and how to conduct market research; the regulatory
11/19/20 Personal Property Management Overview (11/19/20) Learn about the Federal Personal Property Management disposal process.
11/19/20 HCaTS Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA)_11-19-20 Learn how your agency can benefit from using GSA’s Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) Program
11/19/20 GSA Schedules and Small Business (FCL-GSA-0027) (11/19/20) Course provides how socioeconomic goals can be achieved using the GSA Schedules program
11/19/20 MAS Office Hours 11/19/2020 Your Opportunity to Engage with MAS Experts and Policy Makers!
11/19/20 VETS 2 DPA Training Nov. FY21 VETS 2 GWAC DPA Training