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12/3/20 GSA's New Market Research Tools, MAS Schedule Consolidation & More_12-3-2020 Calling all Federal Employees! Program Managers and Acquisition Professionals attend this session and get up to speed with GSA's new comprehensive contracts and programs
12/3/20 Buying Services Through GSA Schedule (FCL-GSA-0048) Course is designed for ordering agencies that require GSA Schedule services. The GSA Schedules program offers a vast array of services and products, and offers a streamlined way to acquire these services
12/8/20 Agency Moves (12-8-2020) Learn how to plan for an agency move!
12/8/20 FCL-GSA-0700 GSA ALLIANT 2 (12/8/2020) The next generation GWAC vehicle, Alliant 2 & Alliant 2 Small Business, offers comprehensive information technology (IT) solutions through customizable hardware, software, and services solutions purchased as a total package. The new course...
12/9/20 Reporting Excess Personal Property (12-9-2020) Learn how to report excess personal property to GSA using the GSAXcess system.
12/9/20 Basic Contracting for GSA Schedules, FCL-GSA-0023 (12/9/2020) This comprehensive training course covers Federal Supply Schedules contracting and ordering procedures. It addresses placing orders against Multiple Award Schedules, as outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 8.4.
12/9/20 How to Buy and Migrate to Cloud Computing Sign Up to Learn How to Buy Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Migrate to Cloud Computing
12/10/20 GSA Personal Property Overview (12-10-20) Learn about the Federal Personal Property Management disposal process.
12/15/20 Personal Property Disposal Concepts Overview 3-Day Virtual December 15-17, 2020! This information-packed course covers the reporting and reutilization of excess and the donation and sale of surplus federal personal property.
12/15/20 Abandonment & Destruction Overview (12-15-2020) Learn about Abandonment & Destruction process