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    Geri Haworth
    One of the key initiatives under the Professional Services Category is to improve our contract offerings including the usability of the Multiple Awards Schedule. Currently there are over 4,400 professional services contracts across eight Schedules.
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    Last Activity: 4/13/2018 9:41 AM
    in Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!, Professional Services Category
    If a contractor had a FABS Schedule prior to the PSS consolodation and now wants to add new SINs and labor categories, is it at all possible to submit a modification to change the existing categories to differentiate from the labor categories we intend...Read More
    Geri Haworth
    Ashley- please submit your question to professionalservices@gsa.gov. That way we can correspond in more detail and a contracting officer can address your specific question. Thank you.
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    MAS Blogger
    Please fill out your respective survey today (scroll down for Industry survey)! Surveys close February 20, 2015!
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    Last Activity: 11/20/2015 8:07 PM
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    Thank You!, just for my financial freedom!.
  • Geri Haworth's picture
    Geri Haworth
    Last week, the White House Council on Environmental Quality issued implementing instructions for E.O. 13693. In the section on including sustainable acquisition requirements in contract actions, the instructions included the following paragraph:  
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    Last Activity: 6/22/2015 5:06 PM
    in Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!
    How are the EO 13693 goals translating into REAL contracting work for the small business community, all geared/suited up to go and help the Federal Government, in meeting the requirements under this EO?
    Geri Haworth
    @williamsrajThank you for your question.  I've asked Zachary Lerner to respond.  He is very involved in ongoing working groups within FAS addressing sustainability as it applies to the contract offerings we manage.  His answer is below...Read More
  • Geri Haworth's picture
    Geri Haworth
    Beginning Monday, June 15, 2015, Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract compliance gains a new tool. The Contractor Assessment Report, issued by Industrial Operations Analysts after conducting contract assessments, provides timely and tailored feedback to contractors and the acquisition community on issues impacting contract compliance.
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    Last Activity: 6/12/2015 11:44 AM
    in Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!
    I am not able to see the contractor assesment report.  Everytime I click the link the following error message pops up:  I use Firefox. Any suggestions?
    Geri Haworth
    Not sure why you can view the sample.  I was able to view it on the Vendor Support Center link provided while using Google.I will add it to this site as an attachment.  
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    Here is the latest article about CAP "Shaking Up the GSA Acquisition World." In this article, FAS Commissioner Tom Sharpe sheds light on the importance, necessity, and objectives of CAP.  
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    Last Activity: 4/6/2015 9:11 AM
    in Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!
    CAP is the most proactive approach to government acquisition i have ever seen! Its way time for this. I wonder how vendors like us can share our industry expertise and knowlege to benefit the CAP program?Alan Hitchcock
  • Geri Haworth's picture
    Geri Haworth
    The Office of Small Business Utilization recently launched a series of videos I'd like to share.  The new "Doing Business with GSA" video series gives small businesses the opportunity to learn more about doing business with the federal government on their schedule.  GSA has a substantial commitment to small businesses, as well as businesses owned by veteran, women, minority, and disadvantaged entrepreneurs.  Expanding small business opportunities at GSA is one of the agency's top priorities.  
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    Last Activity: 4/3/2015 9:18 AM
    in Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!
    I really enjoyed this series. Even for those who have established contracts, it is a good refresher. Thank you.
    Geri Haworth
    I am working with tech to figure out why the videos are not working.  In the meantime they can be accessed at http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/166455.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  
    Subject: GSA Small Business Videos:Are you planning on addressing the FSSI and the limited opportunity it has created for small business? Or address what the end goal of the MAS contracts under schedule 75 are? We've partnered with the GSA for over...Read More
    Geri Haworth
    The following response is provided by Christy L. Jackiewicz  from the Office of Small Business Utilization.****************************************** Are you planning on addressing the FSSI and the limited opportunity it has created for...Read More
    Geri Haworth
    Thank you for your comment.  The Office of Small Business Utilization created and shared these videos and as a courtesy to subscibers of this group, I am cross-posting. I will forward your message to the persons who developed these videos.  
  • OASIS Blogger's picture
    OASIS Blogger
    The OASIS team is very pleased to share that GSA has secured a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United States Army to use the OASIS and OASIS Small Business Contract Vehicles. A signing ceremony attended by GSA and Army leadership was held on Monday, March 16th, at GSA Headquarters in Washington, DC.
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  • mproul's picture
    Sponsored by the GSA Office of Small Business Utlilization, this training is designed to review GSA sources for procurement opportunities that are both planned and posted. For more information about this training and how to register, visit the Strategic Planning for New GSA Opportunities page on GSA.gov.
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    Last Activity: 3/3/2015 12:24 PM
    in Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!, PBS Industry Relations
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  • christy.jackiewicz's picture
    Veterans: One of the Greatest Untapped Human Resources  
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    Last Activity: 1/27/2015 9:57 AM
    in Small Business First, Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters!
    This Article was written by John Burchill...thanks John, great work!
  • Brad deMers's picture
    Brad deMers
    Dated:  09/02/2014 As one of several professional services category initiatives, GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) will be working to improve its professional services Schedule offerings.  A first step in this initiative will be to consolidate Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) services offerings. This discussion provides information about why FAS believes this is necessary and the next steps FAS will be taking.
    Geri Haworth
    And another....Q: If a contracting office wants to release a solicitation through a current schedule – for example, LOGWORLD – what is the latest date they can do so? Suppose, for example, that GSA begins migration in January, Company A...Read More
    QUESTION:Two questions regarding companies that have two or more GSA Schedules that are being migrated:1.  Which contract end date will pevail? 2.  Which size will preval for conractors that may have  different size (due to the varyig...Read More
    Will there be any webinars regarding the change, if so can you provide the link?
    Geri Haworth
    GSAMaven:We plan on conducting another webinar in February (date TBD).  Please send an email to kathy.jocoy@gsa.gov and she will place you on the invite list.If you wish to see the powerpoint presentation from webinar held 12/1/2014 please go to:...Read More
    Geri Haworth
    Q:  Now that we have started our migrations and industry is hearing more and more about Professional Services Schedule consolidation effort, we have had an increase in questions from single schedule contract holders.  The big question? ...Read More


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