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Day Three: GSA Expo

Day three of GSA Expo ushers in the close of the event.  We hope that everyone who participated in the training and networking with peers had a valuable week.  The networking and collaboration with your peers does not need to stop at the end of the day.  Join Interact.gsa.gov and continue the dialogue after the Expo event.  Share your thoughts and suggestions for next year's event. 

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<p>Leonardo Academy is helping GSA green this conference. We have been tweeting about&nbsp;the greening activities for the conference. What&nbsp;suggestions do other members of the social media group have on how we can expand the use of social media to promote: (1) Awareness, (3) Understanding, (3) Action&nbsp; by&nbsp;attendees and exhibitors for this and future events?</p><p>I look forward to your suggestions!</p><p>Michael</p>
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