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4/2/19 GSA IT Schedule 70 Pre Award / Offer Preparation Training This training will review key elements of the eOffer process for attaining a GSA schedule contract and will provide an open forum for prospective contractors to seek additional clarifications from expert contracting officers.
4/2/19 FCL-GSA-0135 IT Schedule 70 Overview This course has it all! Learn how federal, state, local, tribal, territorial governments and higher education can use the IT Schedule 70 and GSA's suite of
4/3/19 MCAS Iwakuni GSA 101 Training - MCAS Iwakuni GSA 101 Training
4/3/19 Washington GSA Customer Connections: A Collaborative Approach to Support Mission Readiness AAS,OASIS, CLOUD, CYBER SECURITY, AAS, GWAC, GSA Schedule, DPA, Acquisition Gateway, Category Management, Professional Services, OASIS, IT Schedule 70, Open Market, Personal Property
4/3/19 FCL-GSA-0700 GSA ALLIANT 2 The next generation GWAC vehicle, Alliant 2 & Alliant 2 Small Business, offers comprehensive information technology (IT) solutions through customizable hardware, software, and services solutions purchased as a total package. The new course...
4/4/19 FCL-GSA-0145 Category Management and Acquisition Gateway Advanced This course presents an advanced look at category management and the Acquisition Gateway. The Acquisition Gateway helps federal government buyers from all agencies act as one acquisition community...
4/9/19 GSA 8(a) STARS II DPA Training 8(a) STARS II DPA Training for Federal Agencies
4/9/19 FCL-GSA-0036 GSA Schedules BPAs A GSA Schedule Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is an agreement established by a government buyer with a Schedule contractor to fill repetitive needs for supplies or services...
4/10/19 FCL-GSA-0039 GWAC Overview (DPA Training) Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) enable federal agencies to buy cost-effective, innovative solutions for information technology (IT) requirements...
4/10/19 Joint Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB DPA Training 4/10/2019 Joint Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB DPA Training 4/10/2019