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RFI Questions & Answers

On Thursday, December 9, the U.S. General Services Administration’s e-Gov Travel Service issued a Request For Information (RFI) for the upcoming E-gov Travel and Expense (ETS) Next Generation solution (ETSNext). GSA seeks stakeholder feedback on the RFI, which will help recommend the Future State business & operating model for Travel and Expense (T&E) services for the civilian federal government. GSA is interested in gathering input on the degree of centralization the next T&E solution should incorporate.


To help you respond to the RFI, we have gathered the questions and answers that have been submitted to date so that you have as much information as possible before RFI responses are due back to GSA by 11:00 AM. EST on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

ETS Next RFI Q&A 1.14.2022

Industry Question

Government Response

Can GSA clarify the type of solution they are expecting to receive (i.e. working with a COTS provider, a systems integrator, or customized solutions with a development company)?

GSA is looking to industry to recommend the approach that they think makes the most sense for the government to implement in its next generation of travel and expense management. It is examining all potential options for providing the core services, (Sec VI, Attachment 3) and optional services (Sec VI, Attachment 5).

Page 2 states: “Mitigate transition risks to the new T&E solution in a disciplined and predictable manner prior to the expiration of ETS2 contracts in June 2027, whether a centralized or decentralized solution is acquired. The transition process will include using an agile methodology to determine a minimum viable product (MVP) using standard configurations and financial management (FM) interfaces that are fully validated prior to deployment, and minimizing agency-level customizations using a formal governance approval process.”

Is the government willing to roll out an initial version with less functionality than the current solution in order to progressively iterate and meet all desired functionality?"

Yes, the government is willing to implement a minimally viable product (MVP) of the solution(s) necessary to provide the Core Services (Sec VI, Attachment 3). The proposed timeline for implementation includes implementation of the MVP, prior to rolling out the solution(s) to the majority of the civilian federal agencies.

Page 8 states: “and be fully FedRAMP certified prior to deployment”

Does GSA provide an on-premise or cloud environment in which services can be hosted, or is the expectation that all components are hosted outside the GSA boundary as FedRAMP certified cloud services?

The current expectation is that the solution(s) for the Core Service ( (Sec VI, Attachment 3)) and certain Optional Services (Sec VI, Attachment 5) will be hosted by a FedRamp certified cloud service provider (CSP) (Attachment 4).



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ETSNext community will be made up of industry Travel and Expense solution providers both existing contract holders and new entrants.

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