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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and Ancillary Services

Dear Prospective Offeror,


This message is to inform you of important changes in the General Services Administration’s (GSA) upcoming solicitation for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and Ancillary Services. GSA posted a pre-solicitation notice on July 23 that included a draft Request For Quote (RFQ).  The draft RFQ described GSA’s intent to conduct a full and open acquisition using the procedures in FAR 13.106 for soliciting competition, evaluating offers and making awards.


Upon further review, GSA has determined that utilizing the existing Multiple Award Schedules is the most efficient and expeditious acquisition process in lieu of establishing a new procurement vehicle under FAR Part 13.  As a result, GSA is revising the acquisition strategy and will be conducting the EVSE and Ancillary Services acquisition in accordance with FAR Part 8.405-3. This change enables the Government to leverage small and large business manufacturers and offers opportunities for small business resellers. Aiming to cast a wide net, this strategy allows participation across the EVSE industry and as it develops and provides the ability for GSA to onboard both large and small firms throughout the period of performance. 


With this change to FAR Part 8.405-3, offerors must hold a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract to be eligible for award.  EVSE products are offered on MAS through several categories, such as:


  • 332510 C or S- Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, Industrial or General Supply Store, or Industrial Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Distributor (Catalog or Storefront)
  • 335999- Power Distribution Equipment
  • 3361E- Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and Accessories. 


If you are interested in becoming a GSA MAS contract holder, you can view the MAS solicitation here: SAM.gov.  


Submission of an offer to become a supplier on GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules program is a well-defined process. This process is available for your review at " How to Get on Schedule." Additional resources to assist on how to do business with GSA are available on youtube (search "how do I get a GSA MAS contract"), or by contacting your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center(PTAC). These resources are offered at no cost to potential suppliers. We are also available to walk you through the process one-on-one and answer your questions. 


If you are not interested in doing business with GSA directly or don’t want to obtain a Schedule contract, you may wish to connect with suppliers that already have an existing MAS contract to seek subcontracting opportunities.  You can find firms with existing MAS contracts by searching GSA eLibrary here


If you are unable to get your products or services on GSA’s Schedule prior to the EVSE solicitation closing date, there may be future opportunities through an “on-ramping” process. 


GSA appreciates your interest and anticipates posting the final RFQ to GSA eBuyin late December or early January.  A Pre-Quotation Conference will be scheduled soon after the posting to provide additional information. Because this is a FAR Part 8 acquisition, the RFQ will be posted to eBuy and only accessible to Schedule contractors.  


Due to the importance of this acquisition, our team will be helping you as much as possible so that you are able to respond to this upcoming opportunity.  If you would like to move forward with pursuing a MAS contract please reach out to Eric VanderVeen at eric.vanderveen@gsa.gov


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