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General Updates: What’s new for Exclusions and Wage Determinations

In the past week or so, we’ve told you about recent SAM.gov updates here, here, and here.  Now, let’s talk about some more general recent updates: 


General Information: As of June 2021, alerts do not appear in the Notification area of the site. This area will now be used only for subscriptions. Of course, you can continue to access system alerts at any time through the SAM.gov footer link for Alerts.


Wage Determinations:   Even-numbered Service Contract Act Wage Determinations have been removed. You can obtain even-numbered Service Contract Act (SCA) Wage determinations using the Department of Labor’s E98 process. You can still see odd-numbered SCA wage determinations through the main public search.

Exclusions: In June 2021, in response to your feedback, we reviewed the emails that points of contact were receiving about exclusion verification. To reduce confusion, we simplified the instructions in the “Verify Agency Exclusion” email. 


As of June 2021, you can search by “Individual Name” in the Entity Name search field of the exclusions domain to find related exclusions in the SAM.gov search. 


We have even more updates for you coming this week.  Stay tuned to this space!


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