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What’s new for Administrators in SAM.gov

In the past few days, we’ve told you about some recent updates here and here.  In this blog, you’ll find information on the following updates: 

  • New Federal Hierarchy filter
  • Filter by entity or user
  • Role assignment and management improvements
  • What’s new in reports and role management

New Federal Hierarchy Filter: As of June 2021, if you manage the federal hierarchy for your agency, a new filter is now available for the Federal Hierarchy. You can use the “Offices” filter under “Organization” on the results page to filter by office within the federal hierarchy widget. 

Filter by entity or user: If you are a non-federal entity administrator, as of July 2021, you can now filter by entity or user on the main user directory in the main Workspace page. This will take you to the results of users who meet the criteria you filtered for. There, you can use additional filters to further refine or select new parameters while you’re searching for the users you manage.

Role assignment and management improvements: We’ve made some changes to improve how you assign and manage roles in SAM.gov.  As of July 2021: 

  • When you assign a role, SAM.gov will cancel and remove duplicate pending requests to the same domain and organization.
  • We’ve added validations to restrict users to one role request per domain. If they need additional roles, they can do so after you have approved their existing request. As an administrator, this allows you to streamline how you assess requests and any changes a user may need without added confusion from multiple conflicting requests. As the requestor, you know your request will be looked at and reviewed with any submitted comments for the administrator.
  • As an Administrator, you can now see and evaluate the comments submitted by the requestor while reviewing the role request. We hope this gives you the information you need to make informed choices about assigning roles when you process a request.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days!


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