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Happy FY 2022 from the MAS PMO! Important Information and Updates

Happy fiscal year 2022 (FY22) from the MAS PMO! We continued to work through unprecedented circumstances in FY21 and want to make sure you know that we’re tremendously grateful for all of your continued participation in the MAS program and excited to continue our partnership supporting you in your federal business endeavors. 

Please take a minute to check out this overview of the MAS PMO’s priorities for FY22, plus details about some important deadlines:

FY21 MAS Partnership Success

Thanks to your participation, our monthly MAS Office Hours series is a huge hit! Since its inception in October 2020, we’ve seen registrations for our live training webinar series grow by 613%! We’re now averaging 318 people per session and receiving a lot of great feedback after each one. MAS Office Hours have covered topics ranging from the MAS Roadmap, Basis of Award, and Scope of Contract for new offerors to overviews of important websites like eLibrary, GSA Advantage, and the forthcoming new & improved Vendor Support Center (VSC). We’ve answered a lot of your questions to date, and keep sending them in - we have no plans to stop this monthly engagement opportunity for industry! Register for the series here. To see recordings of all the webinars to date, visit our YouTube playlist.

FY22 Priorities & Important Deadlines

  • FY22 MAS PMO Priorities: Our FY22 priorities include working with impacted contractors on their Phase 3 consolidation plans, updating new offeror training and guidance (like our Getting on MAS slipsheet), expanding the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot to all MAS categories, and increasing support for small businesses.
  • MAS Consolidation Phase 3: Those of you with two or more MAS contracts with the same DUNS or Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) may be a part of MAS Consolidation Phase 3, which requires you to consolidate your offerings down to one contract. The deadline to submit your mandatory MAS Consolidation Phase 3 Contractor Checklist and Plan has been extended to Dec. 31, 2021. Please send this document to your Contracting Officer(s) (CO) as soon as you complete it. Refer to our Phase 3 Consolidation Guide for Industry for help and reach out to your CO(s) or maspmo@gsa.gov with any questions.
  • Vendor Support Center (VSC) Website Refresh: The new & improved VSC website is coming to you live in the first quarter of FY22! Feedback gathered from more than 100 surveys of industry and the MAS acquisition workforce was used to make key improvements to the site, including a redesigned user journey, updated content, dynamic search feature, and much more! We think you’ll be as thrilled with the new VSC site as we are. Make sure you subscribe to the MAS Interact group to get the news of its launch sent straight to your inbox.
  • Retiring the Vendor Education Center (VEC): The MAS PMO isn’t done improving our partners’ experiences online. After a year-long assessment, we’ve decided to retire the outdated Vendor Education Center (VEC) and update our training, which will move to the gsa.gov MAS Roadmap and be accessible from the new Vendor Support Center. Once this takes place, new contractors will no longer have to keep a VEC login or navigate old technology. Subscribe to the MAS Interact group to stay informed on this FY22 project!

We Want to Hear from You

Have feedback on how we’re doing or a question about where we’re going? Comment on this post or email us anytime at maspmo@gsa.gov

We’re excited and grateful to continue improving and growing the MAS program to ensure federal, state, and local governments and industry continue to work hand in hand to support our country’s most critical missions.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

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