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New Medical Category Product Service Code (PSC) Available Soon

Product Service Codes (PSCs) classify products, services, and research and development items purchased by the federal government. On October 30, 2021, a new medical category PSC - 6632 Analysis Instruments, Medical Laboratory Use will appear in SAM.gov displays and data entry, APIs, and FPDS. The most recent and updated version of the PSC Manual and supporting documentation can also be found at acquisition.gov/PSC_Manual.

Actions you can take after October 30, 2021

Check your saved searches, search filters, and followed items to make any needed changes. If you use system interfaces,  application programming interfaces (APIs), extracts, or data entry processes, check your systems and begin to use the new PSC code.  API users should check the updated API documentation at open.gsa.gov/api/PSC-Public-API.

More about the new medical category

PSC 6632: Analysis Instruments, Medical Laboratory Use

  • Category: 10 Medical
  • Sub-Category: 10.2 Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies
Includes: All analyzers and instrumentation used in a medical/clinical setting for the purpose of aiding in the medical diagnosis of disease. Types of instrumentation include immunochemistry, clinical chemistry, coagulation, hematology, clinical microbiology, urinalysis, differential counters, histology, cytology equipment, and point of care analyzers. Examples include instrumentation performing the following analysis: blood cell, blood serum, urine, fecal, tissue slide staining, molecular infectious disease, tissue cells, polymerase chain reaction, serum electrophoresis, and DNA. Related supporting components and parts are also included.

Excludes: Non-medical use instrumentation. Examples include: gas detecting equipment, manual gas alarms, air quality monitoring equipment, chemicals, in vitro diagnostic substances, reagents, water monitors, water quality instruments, general use meters, stack emission measuring equipment, Ph and ion-selective meters, titrators and titration systems, and all other nonmedical analysis instrumentation. Also excludes general use laboratory equipment and supplies such as beakers, flasks, test tubes, balances, scales. Note: For clinical laboratory reagents see PSC Code 6550. 



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