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Join us July 15th for GSA's Monthly Conference Series: Think Cloud, Think GSA

Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 1:00pm (ET)

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Four GSA cloud offices come together to give an overview of what stage they help customers in the cloud journey, the cloud products and services they offer and actionable information on how to acquire these products and services.

  • Showcase to Government customers, Industry and Press the various entry points and levels of assistance 4 GSA cloud offices (ITC, TTS CoE, TTS Cloud.gov, and FedSIM) deliver to agency customers. Receive press coverage by inviting specific outlets to plainly spread the word about what GSA can do for you in terms of cloud products and services.
  • Present a united GSA Front. There are many different cloud entities at GSA and this event’s purpose in part is to demystify the various components of GSA cloud.
  • Increase business volume. The ultimate objective of this event is to give customers direct action steps on how to buy GSA products and services. Now that customers know this information about each office, they should know who their POC is for their specific situation and what contract solution works best for their needs.
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