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The GSA MSO Mailbox has been receiving an influx of enrollment appointment cancelation requests from applicants. Please advise your sponsored applicants that if they need to cancel their appointment, they can do so on Fedidcard.gov by following the steps below:

  1. Access the “Schedule” section on the homepage. Click the “Make an Appointment” button.
  2. Users will be taken to the Assured Identity Scheduling system page. Click on the link that says “find an existing appointment” found in the sentence below the welcome banner and above the option for enrolment. 
  3. Enter the confirmation ID and email used upon registration to access the appointment to cancel it.


Users without their confirmation ID should click the option at the bottom of the page that says “send my confirmation via email.”

If additional assistance is needed, the applicant should email GSAMSO@gsa.gov.


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