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Happy 7th Birthday, OASIS!

Please join us as we celebrate OASIS (One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services) by sharing some program highlights over the last several years. Seven years ago, GSA awarded OASIS Unrestricted (U) and OASIS Small Business (SB) to provide federal agencies a flexible and innovative solution for complex professional services requirements.

731 new contracts

In 2018, the federal Category Management Leadership Council asked GSA to increase the industrial base available on OASIS in order to increase the number of OASIS contractors to ensure adequate competition. Two years, 2,351 questions, 1,662 proposals, and 730 contract awards later -- the final notice to proceed was issued on November 13, 2020. Post on-ramp, OASIS is better than ever with more than 1,100 OASIS Best-In-Class (BIC) contracts, approximately 70% of which are awarded to small businesses. Equally important, our new industry partners have access to more BIC procurement opportunities.

New 8(a) Contract Family

Through two distinct 8(a) on-ramps (Flowdowns and Eligible Existing Contractors from SB Pools and Competitive Awards), GSA successfully added 118 8(a) companies to OASIS. These pools were developed to provide the 8(a) community expanded access to OASIS while creating more options for federal agencies to meet their 8(a) business development program goals through both competitive 8(a) set-asides and 8(a) directed task order awards.

$36 Billion Obligated Dollars 

OASIS U and OASIS SB have been extremely successful and widely adopted. As of May 18, 2021, the following performance has been captured:

  • Total Task Orders Awarded: 2,718
  • Total Obligated Dollars: $36 Billion
  • Percentage of Task Orders going to Small Business: 51%
  • Percentage of dollars obligated going to Small Business: 73%

To explore OASIS data by federal agency and industry partners and to build customized and downloadable reports, check out the OASIS Dashboard.

Best-In-Class (BIC) Designation

In November 2016, a cross-government team of acquisition experts designated OASIS as Best-In-Class. Since then, the contracts have successfully completed their annual reviews and have retained their BIC designations. The BIC initiative is part of the overall category management strategy to optimize the government's buying power and create an atmosphere of cooperative excellence among customer agencies, vendors, and solution owners. A BIC designation means that the solution has been awarded, is being managed according to, and has a commitment to sustaining the category management principles that help agencies to operate more efficiently and increase savings. Learn more about BIC on the Acquisition Gateway.

Thousands of Delegation of Procurement Authorities (DPA)

Over the past seven years, the OASIS Program conducted more than 354 DPA training sessions for more than 12,190 Federal contracting professionals. The OASIS Program delegated Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) authority to more than 3,580 qualified Contracting Officers across 41 federal agencies, worldwide. DPA training is a prerequisite for  Contracting Officers to access the OASIS contract vehicles, and teaches best practices for task order issuance. For more information, including how to request DPA training, visit our website. 

Robust Industry Partnership

Over the last seven years, the OASIS program office and the OASIS industry partners have built a strong collaborative partnership through the OASIS Shared Interest Group (OSIG) and OASIS Working Groups. The collaboration supports an open channel of communication between awarded contractors and the OASIS program to work together on business development, small business concerns, and special projects. The Working Groups currently include 8 Tiger Teams, 2 Contiguous United States (CONUS) Working Groups and 1 Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) Working Groups. Learn more about the OSIG here

Scope Review Milestone

Since July 2017, the OASIS program has completed approximately 1,750 scope reviews. Our complimentary scope reviews help federal acquisition professionals determine which OASIS Pool best supports the planned procurement and proposed task order requirements. This benefit helps customers reduce the risk of protests and streamline the acquisition process. To request a scope review, visit our website or email oasisscopereviews@gsa.gov.  

What’s Next?

This year we began the challenging work to establish a new Services Multi-Agency Contract (MAC) that provides for a wide scope of cross-category services and meets Best-in-Class requirements. The goal is to deliver a simpler buying experience; reduce friction in the procurement process; improve government oversight and management of spend, contract and subcontract performance, and small business participation; and position the federal government to reduce contract duplication. 

This contract will replace OASIS and expand on the services we have on contract. The lessons we’ve learned from OASIS and the market research done thus far points to the need for a more flexible and streamlined services contract that expands our industry partner base and is agile enough to respond to the evolving needs of our customers. Please join the Professional Services Category Interact community to learn more about the new Services MAC.

In the meantime, OASIS will continue to provide flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services until 2024, when the ordering period expires (note the task order Period of Performance is through 2029). That means we have a few more birthdays to celebrate!

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