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What is NOT changing SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov Integration?

In the past week or so, we’ve told you about some significant changes that you should know about when SAM.gov migrates into beta.SAM.gov (on May 24), and the two systems become one (known as SAM.gov - the “beta” goes away). While we’ve been highlighting some specific changes for certain groups of users, it’s important to note that overall, you can expect that same registration functionality in the ‘new’ SAM.gov that they experience today in legacy (or current) SAM.gov. Some things are changing, but a whole lot is staying the same.


For example, when searching data in the new environment, the design will look different, but the data and the search filters will remain the same. The entity registration process and requirements are staying the same, as well as registration data entry pages. You will be able to search exclusions or the Disaster Response Registry the same way. 


Entity data and roles will transfer to the new SAM.gov environment. No action from entities or users is required to migrate or access this information when the integration occurs. Entity registration and exclusions data, SAM user roles, Service Contract reporting data, and BioPreferred reporting data will all migrate seamlessly. Expiration dates of entity registrations will remain the same. 


Both legacy SAM.gov and the new environment use login.gov for signing in to your user account. Use your SAM.gov login.gov credentials after the migration to access your data and roles. If you need assistance with your SAM.gov account or have other technical issues, go to the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov to search the Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions or get in touch with a help desk agent.


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